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At the office of Pierre J.-L. Plourde, I can help you make sense of your charge, your rights, and your future. I can explain how the law applies to your situation and help you make the difficult decisions you will need to make. If you are under 18, I will explain how the law will be applied differently to your case.

If this is your first time encountering the criminal justice system, I can explain the process and possible outcomes. If it isn't, I can help you understand how your record may affect your current situation.

Common Offences and Considerations

As an experienced criminal defence lawyer, I can help you with a wide variety of criminal defence matters, including:

  • Assault: These charges may involve anything from a schoolyard fight to domestic violence. If serious bodily harm or weapons are involved, the penalties can become severe. These cases often involve eyewitness testimony and conflicting versions of what happened. They also deal with situations that happen very quickly, with very high emotions, making witness testimony unreliable.
  • Drug-related charges: The penalties in these charges vary according to what you are accused of doing (possession versus trafficking, for example), and what drugs are involved, whether prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, or other drugs.
  • Property crimes: These include theft, robbery, and white-collar crimes such as fraud.
  • Firearms and weapons law: Many crimes, such as assault or property crimes, may also involve weapons as part of the crime. A weapon may be anything that can cause death or injury to any person or be used in a threatening or intimidating manner, including an air rifle or even a bat, stick, or shoe. If you are charged with any kind of firearms offence — including having an unlicensed weapon — I can help you. As an active, involved, member of Canada's National Firearms Association, I can also help you if you are not charged with a crime but are having difficulty related to your gun ownership, such as possible loss of your licence.

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(J'offre des sons conseils juridiques dans deux domaines principaux.)

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You deserve efficient, professional, legal services with a lawyer you will feel comfortable speaking to. For your convenience, I will travel anywhere within the Durham Region to meet with you at no extra cost, including at your home.