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If you are charged with any kind of crime with a weapon, you will need a lawyer to avoid mandatory minimums. If your difficulty has to do with licencing, it's still a good idea to have a lawyer who is well-versed in firearms law represent you in order to protect your ownership rights.

I am very familiar with firearms law — in fact, I'm one of very few lawyers in Canada who focuses on this area. I stay current on the latest developments in firearms law, and am an active member of the National Firearms Association and sports shooting associations.

Know Your Rights

At the office of Pierre J.-L. Plourde, I can help you if you are:

  • Facing increased sentencing because of a firearm: Many crimes are made worse by the inclusion of a firearm in the event. A theft becomes a robbery, and assault with a weapon is taken far more seriously by the court than assault without one. Even a pellet gun used by a youth to hold up a convenience store will turn the charge into something very serious. I will ensure that all evidence relating to firearms or weapons is only used against you if it has been properly obtained, and give you the best defence possible if it must be part of your trial.
  • Facing a mandatory minimum: Mandatory minimum sentences are common when it comes to firearms charges. For example, being charged with possession of a firearm obtained in the commission of a crime can get you a mandatory minimum of a year. It is vital to understand what you may be facing as you make decisions about pleading or going to trial.
  • Licensing problems: Dealings with Ontario's Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) are not truly criminal matters, but they can certainly feel like that way. They often happen in the context of a messy divorce or other interpersonal dispute. For example, a former spouse may try to use the fact that you own a firearm against you in a custody battle. Because interactions with the CFO are not the same as a court hearing, many people don't turn to a lawyer for help. They then lose their case simply because they did not know how to present their position in terms that the CFO will understand and accept.

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