Divorce — do not forget to address insurance

When a marriage ends, there are more issues to deal with than typically anticipated. Ontario spouses will naturally consider the issues that may arise during divorce negotiations about property division, child custody and parenting plans along with possible child support and alimony. There may be matters involving family pets to discuss, whether the family home should be kept or sold and who will get which vehicle. However, it is the small matters that often go unaddressed that can cause significant problems later.
An example of this is a couple who got divorced and never stopped trying to outdo each other in their competition to win the love of their 17-year-old daughter. In what might have been his way of showing his former wife up, the father offered his daughter one of his landscaping company’s pickup trucks for her exclusive use. She was thrilled with the offer and collected the vehicle from her dad’s place of business.

Not long after that, the teenager wrecked the truck, causing injuries to an occupant of another vehicle. The mother filed a claim with the insurance company, only to learn that her former husband had removed the truck from his insurance when he let the daughter use it. This might have been his way of taking revenge for something that happened during their marriage.
This may serve as a reminder that although a person may feel he or she has all bases covered, the support and guidance of a seasoned divorce lawyer may ensure that even the small issues are addressed. With an experienced divorce lawyer on the side of an Ontario resident who has to cope with the intricacies of a divorce, the entire process may be less stressful than typically anticipated. Whether opting for litigation or mediation, skilled legal counsel can be invaluable. Source: signalscv.com, “It’s the Law: Divorce and loss of insurance“, Dec. 28, 2016

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