Divorce is a process that needs careful planning

Ending a marriage will never be an easy process to go through, even if it is amicable. There are two things any Ontario individual who is considering divorce may want to do. The first is to gain the necessary knowledge about the legal requirements and procedures along with the available options related to litigation, mediation and more. The second step is to build a team that can provide the much-needed legal and moral support.
The process of divorce is essentially the division of property and deciding child related issues. Knowing all the details about the family finances is vital. This includes all income streams, assets and debts. Gathering the relevant information can be a tough task for a spouse who was not in charge of — or had access to — the management of the money matters. This information will not only be necessary for the property division process but also to create a budget for the time leading up to the divorce and beyond.

This is where child support and possible spousal support also comes in. Whether it is the spouse needing support or the one providing support, those numbers will be vital in financial planning during a divorce. Spousal support may be an agreed upon amount at the time of drafting a prenuptial agreement or when negotiating a divorce. However, child support is ordered by the court, and a lawyer can help with estimating an amount. Parents are free to negotiate additional child support such as for college funds, summer camp or more.
Having the support of friends and family is as important as having the guidance of an experienced Ontario divorce lawyer. However, it may be best to limit the family and friends to moral support without giving legal advice. That is what a lawyer does– he or she can provide information about the legalities of the divorce process and offer valuable advice based on years of experience. After making sure the client is fully informed, the lawyer can assess the dynamics of the family before explaining the divorce options and arranging mediation if required. Source: divorcedmoms.com, “2 Vital Steps To Take When Entering The Divorce Process“, Karen Mcmahon,, Accessed on Nov. 25, 2016

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