Divorce trauma can be eased by mediation

Not all marriages in Ontario and other provinces last until death do them part. While divorce will always be an emotional experience for parents, it can be especially traumatizing for children. Although most divorcing parents start the process with good intentions to protect the children’s best interests, the stress caused by the many important decisions that must be made can cause more focus to be put on protecting their own best interests.
This is only natural because the decisions and choices made at this stressful time can determine the post-divorce financial and personal circumstances of both parties. It is also not easy to ignore emotions, and many people going through divorces may benefit from the support and guidance that is offered by experienced divorce lawyers. Such a professional can assess the unique circumstances of the divorcing client, along with the dynamics of the family and the relationships between the children and both parents, before providing advice about the best way forward.

In many cases, divorcing couples may wish to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation that often turns into battles to win at all costs. However, contention may prevent peaceful negotiations over child custody, parenting plans, property division and more. A seasoned lawyer may suggest the services of a professional divorce mediator who can facilitate negotiations in which communication and compromise will be encouraged.
While guiding Ontario couples through divorce mediation, the legal counsel of each party may be present to provide valuable input based on his or her experience. A lawyer can also ensure that a client is given the opportunity to speak and that the final agreement is fair. Furthermore, a legal representative can ensure the agreement complies with the requirements of the court before filing it. Source: CBC News Prince Edward Island, “Not so scary: What to expect if you’re going through divorce“, Shane Ross, Oct. 21, 2016

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