Divorce — wait for January or file now?

Ontario couples who are considering ending their marriages in the new year will not be alone. December is known to be a month when divorce planning is prevalent. However, for various reasons, many people choose to wait until after the holidays to proceed with filing. Statistics reportedly indicate a high level of internet searches related to divorce filings over the holidays.
Researchers have found that the high rates of divorces in the spring typically follows planning during the holidays. A sociologist said some spouses consider divorce during this time because the new year represents new beginnings. She said some individuals who had no intention to divorce before the holidays decide to do so because the season creates rising expectations. Whatever the reason for waiting until the new year to file for divorce, the respite will allow proper planning and may avoid impulsive decisions that can lead to regret later.

In some circumstances, postponing a divorce filing is not ideal. If divorce considerations involve the need to escape domestic violence or other types of abuse, delaying the divorce may not be wise. Just like those families without abuse, victims of domestic violence may also want to be part of the holiday celebrations with family rather than newly divorced and on their own. However, that spouse and any children in the family may experience higher levels of abuse during this time.
While most Ontario spouses may want to avoid upsetting the apple cart during all the festivities, they may want to consider their choices to delay the divorce filing carefully. An appropriate step may be to discuss their concerns with a skilled divorce lawyer. Based on his or her experience, a seasoned lawyer may be able to provide valuable advice about the best time to file for divorce based on the specific circumstances. Source: FindLaw, “How to Prepare for Divorce While You Wait out the Holidays“, Christopher Coble, Dec.19, 2016

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