Family law allows enforcement of child support payments

Child support evasion is all too common in Ontario and other provinces. Family law regulations are strict about enforcing child support payments. However, in some cases, a father — for example — may withhold child support and tell the children that it is their mother’s fault for not wanting to come back to him. This could cause animosity between the children and their mother, implying that her return to the father will allow them costly activities such as school trips and other extracurricular activities.
Tactics used by individuals who want to avoid paying child support include arranging with employers to pay entire salaries in cash or to take a low-paying job and supplement income with unrecorded payments for additional work. Some people will go as far as quitting their jobs, taking pay cuts or accepting part-time employment to show no income, even if full-time positions are available. Receiving money under the table is a common trick to hide income.

Fortunately, the courts are on the side of the custodial parent ij these instances. If that parent has a reason to believe that the other parent is earning more than what he or she declared, it can be reported. Also, if a parent claims to be unemployed, the other parent needs only to provide evidence of advertisements of vacancies in the area for which the seemingly deceptive parent could qualify. The court has the right to use such information to compute a salary for the purposes of calculating a child support order.
Any parent in Ontario who is struggling to get by without court-ordered child support may find comfort in learning that an experienced family law lawyer can help. A seasoned lawyer will know how to gather the necessary evidence of hidden income by a noncustodial parent. Among other options, a lawyer can petition the court to take action and enforce payment of child support. Source:, “What can the court do when a father takes steps to evade his responsibility to pay child support?“, Accessed on Feb. 18, 2017

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