Family law: How much information can the access parent get?

Many Ontario parents who are divorced continue to maintain a friendly relationship and share childcare equally. However, some splits are too contentious to allow ongoing relationships. Under Ontario family law, the court will issue an access order that will determine the level of access the non-custodial parent will have regarding the child, including the right to certain information.
An access order typically covers health care and medical records along with school report cards. Although the access parent has the right to that information, the access order does not grant decision-making rights. The access parent’s right to stay informed about matters related to the children does not entitle him or her to take any action with educators or medical caregivers, nor with the custodial parent. It is not typically the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the access parent with information about the children.

The access parent must obtain the information directly from the school and health care providers. For the protection of the custodial parent and the children, when appropriate to the circumstances, the court may also order that the school and doctor’s office remove the custodial parent’s address and telephone numbers from the reports provided to the access parent. That may prevent unwarranted interference by the access parent.
Any parent in Ontario who is considering divorce may have concerns about how it would affect the children. Of course, the services of an experienced family law lawyer are available to provide assistance throughout the divorce and all proceedings related to child custody and access. Regardless of whether it is the custodial parent or the access parent seeking guidance, a lawyer will be there to help. Source:, “To what information about the child does the access parent have the right?“, Accessed on Dec. 17, 2016

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