At Pierre J.-L. Plourde law office, I will stand with you so that you don't face the CAS alone. I will help you understand your rights and how to defend them in order to protect your children and family.

Standing With You

The CAS are not one administrative body. They are many local entities throughout Ontario, all of which are presumably devoted to protecting children, not harming families. Unfortunately, how well they do their job sometimes depends on with which local CAS you are dealing.

I generally become involved in situations where:

  • The CAS is involved with your family, but not currently threatening to take the children away, provided you cooperate with them. I can help you understand what is happening, and what may happen in the future. If you have spoken to the CAS and they have advised you to sign a Voluntary Service Contract, I can help you understand your rights in the contract. I can also advise on changes to the contract that are likely to benefit you and your children and be accepted by the CAS.
  • The children are living at home but under the supervision of the CAS. Your family may also be required to go to counselling, or have a relative live with you.
  • The children have been apprehended by CAS, or a protection application has been filed. I will listen to your situation and advise you on the best way to get your children back or keep them with you if they have not yet been removed. This could mean cooperating with the CAS, or it could mean challenging them in court.

I can help you explain your side of the situation to the CAS in language that will help your family. I will also guide you through the process and help you make decisions that will be more likely to keep your family together.

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I provide sound legal counsel in two main areas

(J'offre des sons conseils juridiques dans deux domaines principaux.)

My Mission

You deserve efficient, professional, legal services with a lawyer you will feel comfortable speaking to. For your convenience, I will travel anywhere within the Durham Region to meet with you at no extra cost, including at your home.