Separation and divorce often require cooperation, negotiation, and compromise, especially if you have children.

However, it's equally important to make sure that your needs are met and your rights are protected. If cooperation isn't working, it's important to have a lawyer who is willing and able to fight for your rights in Ontario's family courts.

If you have no real disputes, I can help you process your divorce quickly and easily, with no delays or complications.

Settling All Major Issues

I will help you negotiate and hopefully resolve matters involving:

  • Children: You will have to decide where your children will live and who will have the right and responsibility to make major decisions for them in terms of their education, religious upbringing and health. The main focus is always the best interest of your children, but you have certain rights as well as a parent. I can help you work with your children's other parent to find the best solution for their lives for now and the future.
  • Property division: Determining what your common assets and debts are worth, and how to divide them fairly, can become confusing and frustrating. I can help you determine value and discuss who should get what.
  • Support: Whether for children or spouses, determining fair and reasonable support is essential if you are to move forward. I can explain your rights and obligations under the law, and help you find support amounts that take into account each side's needs and resources.

Once all major issues are settled, we will draft a separation agreement that's clear, easy to understand, and that allows for changes as your separation progresses.

As your separation progresses, your children will grow, one or both of you may change jobs, gain or lose income, and gain new partners. You may need to adjust support amounts, or living arrangements. I can help this process go more smoothly, helping you negotiate for any necessary changes or going to court to obtain them.

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I provide sound legal counsel in two main areas

(J'offre des sons conseils juridiques dans deux domaines principaux.)

My Mission

You deserve efficient, professional, legal services with a lawyer you will feel comfortable speaking to. For your convenience, I will travel anywhere within the Durham Region to meet with you at no extra cost, including at your home.