Keeping children safe is a priority in Ontario

The safety of children is something that is very important. Nobody likes to read reports of children being harmed, especially when there is something that could have been done to prevent that harm. This is where Children’s Aid Society comes into the picture. That can be a frightening time for the parents of the child.

As a parent, it is very scary to have someone accuse you of not properly caring for your child. The involvement of CAS in the case is an automatic red flag for many parents. No matter where you are in the CAS system, you should learn about what rights and options you have.

When you are dealing with CAS, you might be told that you need to sign a Voluntary Service Contract. This is often the case when the children are still in your care, but the CAS representative says that you need to cooperate to keep it that way. Understanding the contract and finding out if there are any changes you can make are likely your priorities at this point.

If your child has been taken by CAS or if you are under the supervision of CAS, you need to work swiftly to learn about what you can do. We can help you to explore the possible options that could end with you and your child being reunited.

We know that many parents aren’t sure where to turn when they are facing CAS involvement. We are here to help you learn about what can happen if you cooperate with CAS and what can happen if you opt to challenge them in court.

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