Let us help settle the issues of your divorce

Divorce can be a complex and confusing matter for many couples. Especially when there are minor children involved or a great deal of valuable assets, adjudicating the issues can be a protracted process.

But there can be alternative ways to approach an inevitable split, and one of those is negotiating the issues through the mediation process. Granted, this solution will not work for all couples. Whenever there have been allegations of domestic abuse, this option should not be on the table. Couples who can’t put aside their acrimony and are incapable of civil discourse with their soon-to-be exes should also allow the courts to determine the outcome.

But many couples are able to work together to achieve an equitable solution to their separation agreements and property settlements. At Pierre J.-L. Plourde, we are here to serve our clients’ best interests. We have the negotiation skills to counter proposals and arrange better outcomes for our clients that reflect what they want to take away from their marriage. We understand the principle of picking the right battles and know when to concede a point to win an even better one later.

But we are also equipped to litigate any sticking points before the court so that our clients get what is due to them that was not forthcoming through negotiations or mediation attempts. Our reputation as solid legal professionals who put our clients’ interests first precedes us.

No matter where you are in the phase of your divorce, from the initial separation to the final disposition of property, we can offer clarity and closure.

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