Mother charged after fleeing with daughter to avoid custody issue

Custody battles can be incredibly challenging. In an effort to protect their children and do what they believe to be in the children’s best interests, parents sometimes make rash decisions and go against the court-ordered custody or visitation agreement. In one case coming out of Ontario, a child may now be placed in foster care and her mother is facing criminal charges.

According to reports, a woman who was attempting to avoid a custody issue in Ontario fled with her 7-year-old daughter to another town where she claimed that both she and her daughter had been victims in a human-trafficking ring. The 39-year-old woman told police that she had been abducted when she was a child and held captive for many years.

Authorities began to question the woman’s story, even though they say that she kept to her original claims and even provided a false name, and attempted to verify her claims by trying to find out who had allegedly kept the woman and the child captive. During the course of the investigation, a social worker familiar with the woman in the Ontario custody case came forward.

According to a man who told reporters he was the 7-year-old girl’s father, the couple broke up in 2008 before briefly reconciling. He claims to have had unsupervised visits with the child since 2010, including every other weekend and a few weeks during the summer. According to reports, there were allegations that the man had been inappropriate with the child, but social workers found the allegations to be unfounded. The woman reportedly fled the area in early September but were never reported missing.

Source: CBC News, “Brandon mystery case solved: woman now charged after claiming to be human trafficking victim,” Caroline Barghout, Oct. 16, 2015

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