Ontario court cracks down on husband evading payments

One 75-year-old Ontario woman is finally getting a fair shake in an extremely contentious divorce from her 80-year-old husband. The split has fractured the family into two factions, causing acrimony and spurring other legal actions between family members.

The business tycoon, the president of Reprodux Ltd., a successful Canadian copying and printing company, was married for over 50 years to his wife. But while still married, he took up with a girlfriend and left his wife in 2012, He stopped paying her any support in 2014, forcing the elderly wife to liquidate assets and rely on a co-signed line of credit to make ends meet.

That all changed when a judge with the Ontario Superior Court ordered the businessman to pay a settlement of $187,500 in retroactive spousal support, plus $200,000 in legal fees and monthly support payments of $20,000 until their divorce settlement is finalised.

Court records indicate the husband tried to hide assets through straw purchases in a daughter’s name. She sided with her father in the dispute, but two other siblings took their mother’s side. The son was terminated from his family’s business three years ago by his dad and filed wrongful dismissal litigation, which recently settled.

The judge saw through the ruse, accusing the husband of withholding support to force his estranged wife into settling. The judge said that he had “engaged in a concerted effort to evade the wife’s property and support entitlements under the Family Law Act.”

Cases such as the above are more than the average Ontario citizen can handle themselves. Consulting with a divorce lawyer is usually best in these complicated, high asset cases.

Source: Chatham Daily News, “Tycoon living it up with new girlfriend ordered to pay wife $20Gs a month,” Michele Mandel, Toronto Sun, March 02, 2016

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