Property division and child-related issues during separation

Although separation and divorce typically arise from disputes, some couples in Ontario manage to limit contention to levels that allow them to sit down and negotiate settlement agreements. However, when it comes to complicated issues like property division and child-related matters, legal guidance is typically necessary. Our lawyers at the firm of Pierre J.-L. Plourde can meet you in your chosen location to discuss how they can help you draft a comprehensive and binding separation agreement.
A separation agreement must cover the period leading up to the court issuing the final divorce decree, and matters to address will include the roles of each parent in making important decisions about the children. Issues related to where the kids will live, which schools they will attend and the subjects of their health and religious upbringing are usually included. Our lawyers can help you work on arrangements that will suit your interests while also focused on the best interests of the children.

When it comes to property division, we will help you determine the value of joint debts and assets, and how they can be divided fairly. At the same time, child and spousal support, if applicable, can be established to ensure proper care until the divorce is finalised. We will remain by your side throughout this time period to attend to any revisions that may be necessary due to changing circumstances.
In Ontario or elsewhere in Canada, separation agreements might need modification when jobs are changed or lost, income fluctuates, when one parent relocates or any other material reason. Some litigated divorces can take months — or even years — to finalise. During this time, life goes on and some structure is required. With the experienced guidance and support of Pierre J.-L. Plourde, all relevant issues will be addressed, allowing you to move forward with the knowledge that property division, child-related issues and more are covered.

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