Property division and divorce

The three main issues in most divorces are child custody, any type of financial support and property division. While some people go into a divorce believing that if there are no children in the marriage and no grounds for any kind of spousal support, the divorce should be quick and easy. However, property division can get quite complicated, and in divorces where that is the only thing to fight over, couples can end up facing lengthy legal proceedings.

Any time there is a dispute over any aspect of a divorce, including who will get what, it’s a good idea to attempt to come to an agreement with your ex on these issues outside of court. We can help you understand Canada’s property division laws so that you are better informed on what is a fair settlement to offer or accept, and we can also help you expedite this process once you have agreed on terms.

In the case where you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse, the divorce will likely have to go through the trial process, and the courts will make the final decision on the terms of the settlement. During these proceedings, you will have the opportunity to present your argument and anything relevant to it to support your position. Your spouse will also have the same opportunity.

Going to court and facing a judge can be an extremely intimidating experience under the best of circumstances, but when a relative stranger is making decisions on what is best for your family, it can be especially frightening. Working with a divorce lawyer during this time ensures you have someone on your side who can answer questions as they come up and look out for your best interests.

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