Should you try counselling before a divorce?

Divorce should never be a couple’s first option when their is trouble in a marriage. While it may be an eventuality, most marriages are worth fighting for.

When couples are committed to giving their relationships another chance to succeed, counselling can be a viable option. One family social scientist with the University of Minnesota commented that research has shown that marriage counselling has success rates as high as 70 or 80 percent if the counsellor is skilled and the spouses are dedicated to making changes.

The third-party perspective can illuminate trouble spots in a marriage in new ways and help couples problem-solve to come up with workable solutions. The social scientist noted that the two primary complaints of couples undergoing therapy were “losing connection and high levels of conflict.”

His own experience shows that most divorces are due to couples “growing apart,” but high stress levels and major life changes can also jeopardise relationships.

Counselling can equip couples with conflict resolution skills that enable them to communicate effectively and positively with one another.

Much of the success rate depends on the counsellor being a good fit for the couple. He or she should have extensive experience in counselling couples, but sometimes — at least initially — only one spouse is willing to get into therapy. That can still be beneficial because it will teach coping and communication skills to the individual to help them in that relationship and beyond.

Some marriages have broken down too far to be reassembled by a few months of counselling sessions, however. Don’t feel guilty for taking the steps that are necessary in order to end a bad marriage. Instead, seek out professional legal guidance to protect your rights and the rights of any minor children so that you emerge from the divorce in the best position to prepare for a good future.

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